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В России стартует продажа билетов на Чемпионат мира по футболу

The only player who is allowed to handle the ball during open play a defender a player who plays in the part of the football team which tries to prevent the other team from scoring goals, e. Michael Essien is a midfielder and plays in midfield for Chelsea and Ghana an attacker also called a forward; a player whose duty it is to score goals, e.

Can also be used as a verb, e. For example, Alex Ferguson is the manager of Manchester United a foul a violation of the rules. For example, if a player other than the goalkeeper handles the ball in the penalty box or penalty area it is a foul and a penalty is given to the other team a booking a yellow card shown to a player by the referee for a serious foul. Two bookings or yellow cards result in a red card or sending-off full-time the point of the game when the referee blows the final whistle and the match is over.

Normally after 90 minutes and any added injury or stoppage time injury time also called stoppage time, added minutes at the end of the regular playing time at half-time or full-time. The final score is the result that decides who has won the match. For example, Ghana conceded only four goals in the World Cup qualifying group 2 a goal a successful attempt at scoring achieved by putting the ball over the goal line into the goal past the goalkeeper.

For example, Gyan Asamoah has scored a beautiful goal for Ghana an own goal a goal scored accidentally by a member of the defending team that counts in favour of the attacking team the lead when a team scores first it is "in the lead", i. Marouan Chamakh equalised for Morocco after 40 minutes and brought the score level to win a match in which a team is victorious and beats the other team. A win normally gives the winning team three points, the losing team does not get any points.

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More commonly used as a verb, e. Brazil won the World Cup in a draw a match that ends in a tie, i. The teams get one point each for a draw. Congo drew nil all with Senegal in June a defeat a match that is lost, the opposite of a win.

For example, Sudan suffered a home defeat to Zambia in September to knock out to eliminate another team from a competition. For example, in the last World Cup Brazil knocked out England in the quarter-finals a penalty shoot-out in a knock-out competition, a penalty shoot-out takes place if a match is a draw after full-time or extra-time.

Five players from each team take a penalty each, and if the score is still level after that, one player from each team takes a penalty in turn, in order to decide who wins the match a goal difference If team A has scored four goals and team B one, the goal difference is three a head-to-head a way of deciding which team is ranked higher if two teams are level or equal on points.

For example, if team A and B both have six points, but team A beat team B in the head-to-head game, team A will be ranked above team B a play-off an extra match to decide which of two or more teams should go through to the next round.

For example, Australia beat Uruguay on penalties in a play-off to qualify for the World Cup the away-goal rule in some competitions, e. In football, the players kick the ball.

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Also the first kick after half-time or after a goal has been scored a goal-kick a kick taken from the 6-yard line by the defending team after the ball has been put over the goal line by the attacking team a free-kick the kick awarded to a team by the referee after a foul has been committed against it a penalty a free shot at goal from 12 yards 11 metres or the penalty spot awarded by the referee to a team after a foul has been committed in the penalty area a corner a kick from the corner flag awarded to the attacking team when the ball has crossed the gaol-line or byline after last being touched by a player of the defending team a throw-in a throw is taken from the sideline or touchline after the ball has gone out of play.

The only time a player can handle the ball without committing a foul a pass a kick of the ball from one player to another. For example, El Hadji Djouf scored with a fine header. Nwankwo Kanu back-heeled the ball to Thierry Henry to volley to kick a moving ball from the air before it hits the ground. Can also be used as a noun, e. The opposite of "lose possession" or "give the ball away" they are dangerous on the counter-attack referring to a team that can switch quickly from defence to attack and score goals in that way put eleven men behind the ball referring to a team that defends with all the players and is not very interested in scoring goals.

For example, many visiting teams put eleven men behind the ball and are happy with a draw when they play Real Madrid at the Bernabeu stadium send the keeper the wrong way refers to the way in which a player can fool the goalkeeper and pretend to shoot at one side of the goal while the ball goes in another direction. This expression is used often during penalties a clinical finish referring to a well-placed, controlled shot from a scoring position that ends in a goal.

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As a result, they are strong in the air, may prefer the long-ball game, and score a lot of goals with headers while not conceding any or many headed goals themselves they have a big physical presence referring to a team that has a lot of big and physically strong players and, as a result, prefers a very robust style of play. For example, the two-footed tackle earned the defender a suspension and he will miss the next game put it in the back of the net to score a goal, e.

Nigeria and Middlesbrough striker Aiyegbeni Yakubu controlled the cross and calmly put it in the back of the net man on!

Who is the captain trainer of the team? Кто основной бомбардир в команде?

It is played in nearly every country, by everyone from kids in vacant lots and back streets to professional players in giant stadiums. History The earliest known form of the game was developed in China around B. The object was to kick the ball into a net stretched between two goal-posts. The earliest form of the game that we know of in Europe was played in England around A. There were very few rules and games were often wild and rough.

The game was repeatedly banned by the authorities because of the violence and injuries it caused. The modern game first developed in England in the 19th century.

How the Game Works The modern game is played by two teams of eleven players on a rectangular field with a goal at each end. The game lasts for two minute halves, and the team scoring the most goals wins.

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Draws are common, but if a winner has to be found, a game can go into extra time. In general play, the goalkeeper is the only player who can touch the ball with the hands or arms. All the other players can kick or head the ball only.

The only player who is allowed to handle the ball during open play a defender a player who plays in the part of the football team which tries to prevent the other team from scoring goals, e. Michael Essien is a midfielder and plays in midfield for Chelsea and Ghana an attacker also called a forward; a player whose duty it is to score goals, e.

Players can tackle an opponent in order to get the ball from them, but must do so without pushing or tripping the player.

If a foul is committed in the penalty area near either goal, the referee can award a penalty kick, meaning a player can have a free shot at goal, with only the goalkeeper being allowed to try to block it. If a player commits a more serious offence, such as dangerous play, the referee can issue a yellow card as a warning, or issue a red card, in which case the player is sent off and cannot be replaced by a substitute.

Teams are normally allowed three substitutes, which can be used to replace players because of injury, or for tactical reasons.

Футбол. Армения Польша - результат и счёт матча онлайн -

В центральном поединке дня Германия обыграла североирландцев - 2:

В центральном поединке дня Германия обыграла североирландцев - 2: Великобритания не смогла распечатать ворота словенцев. Польша на крайних секундах вырвала победу у Армении благодаря голу Роберта Левандовски.

Армения - Польша, футбольный матч, 5 октября, Квалификация ЧМ:...

Сейчас армянская команда сыграет с Польшей. Подопечные Адама Навалки пока тоже действуют небезошибочно, но очки набирают исправно. Как будет в этот раз? Польша чуть не упустила победу опосля хет-трика Левандовского датчанам: Казалось, весь остальной матч будет легкой прогулкой, но датчане чуть не отыгрались. В итоге - 3: Румыния разгромила Армению на выезде: Хозяева в самом начале остались вдесятером удалился игрок "Стали" Гор Малакян , следствием что стали четыре гола за 1-ые полчаса, а чуток позднее - еще один.

Сейчас подопечные Адама Навалки постараются наверстать упущенное в матче с Данией. А ведь конкретно датчане на данный момент идут на первом месте. Румынская сборная дома не смогла обыграть Черногорию, а команда Генриха Мхитаряна уступила датчанам.

Euro 2008: Armenia beats Group A leader Poland 1:0

Эриксен открыл счет; он же мог воплотить пенальти и удвоить преимущество, но не вышло, так что концовка вышла очень нервной. Но датчане все же довели матч до победы. Казахстан сенсационно отбирает очки у Польши: Но форвард владельцев Хижниченко оформил дубль, в итоге что четвертьфиналист Евро сенсационно остался без победы. Местные клубы хорошо себя проявляют в еврокубках, а это может повлечь за собой прорыв на уровне государственной сборной.

Армения - Польша. Хороший сэйв Меликсетяна. 05 октября  ...

Может быть, уже сейчас в этом удостоверится сборная Польши.


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